How to grow your MBTI meme page on Instagram (Feb 2021)

9 min readFeb 17, 2021


Hello everybody, my name is Yayo (ENTP) and in this post I explain how to run / grow an MBTI (meme) page on Instagram. Yes, I’m giving away all my secrets, literally everything I know is in this post. Why? Cuz I’m bored lol; I run 7 of the 25 biggest pages and only 1 of them is older than 6 months, I want some competition. Let’s go baby.

This is @infpmemesdaily, currently the #1 biggest MBTI-related page on Instagram. I created it 5 months ago, in mid-September of 2020.

Before I start with my post I just want to make sure everybody understands that this is MY point of view. This is what worked for ME. It might not work for YOU, and YOU might be able to ignore literally everything I explain here and still have success, I don’t doubt that. YOU have to find what works for YOU, this explains just how I do / did it. Thanks for now reading my Ted Talk.

Have fun!

Have a reason

As dumb as this might sound, this is the most important tip. If you run your page “just for fun” chances are you won’t get far (in terms of followers), because soulless tryhards like me exist :*

But on the other side don’t set your goals too high, if you’re just starting out 50k followers most likely is not the goal to aim for, because, well, it’s a very far way and chances are you’ll get demotivated along the way because you won’t see the progress needed to keep you motivated.

Set your goals low, if you have 0 followers 50 is your goal. If you got 100, 250 is your goal. After 500 aim for 1k, and so on. Trust me on this one, because I’m the undisputed king of setting high goals just to lose motivation and forgetting about shit alltogether along the way 😎

Understand you’re building a snowball

For my first page, @mbtimemesdaily, it took me 100 posts and a couple months to get to 1k followers. For @infptweets it took me 1 post, 2 story shoutouts and 17 hours.

Why the hard difference? Well, duh, because I had 2 huge pages (mine) give a shoutout to my new page. But I never had that for when I started out, I never got a shoutout from anybody with more followers than me, ergo it took me much (much) longer to grow that page to anything significant.

What you need to understand is that you’re building a snowball. Like compound interest in the financial world 1 post you post gives you a chance of gaining some followers. The more posts you have, the more chances you have. The more followers you get, the more traction your posts get, the more they land on the Explore page and on hashtags, the more people see your posts, the more followers you get, the more traction you new posts get, the more ….

You get my point. It’s a snowball you’re building up, and if you stop posting it slows down, ergo never stop posting. Unless you don’t care about follower numbers, but then I guess this is the wrong article for you anyway :D

Understand you’re building a skillset

“Omg haha stfu you’re literally just posting memes on Instagram, what’s so hard about that hahaha” - someone who most likely does not have a big meme page on Instagram

I mean K, it’s a fair point. Just kidding, not really, because according to my Excel spreadsheets there are dozens of 5–15k followers mbti pages swimming around and not gaining any followers (or even losing some) despite actively posting. Why? Because only posting is not enough :-) Same for racing tires, it’s all about traction, baby 💖

But don’t worry, I got you, this is what this article is for. So far I mainly covered things regarding your mindset, but that’s the most important variable in anything you do. I made 4 figure revenue numbers at age 19 one year after dropping out of high school. Why? Because I never doubted that this was possible. Everybody else around me did, and guess what, they never made it. “Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are right.” Most important sentence in the universe. When I was in the bottom 1% of the League of Legends ranked ladder I set myself the goal to reach the Top 1%. All my friends said that was impossible. True, impossible for them, cuz 2 seasons later I arrived there while they’re still inting around in Silver. You get my point I hope. If you think you can’t reach 10k followers you never will. So open your mind bro, everything’s possible.

Back to the point.
You have to understand that you’re building a skillset. Running a meme page is a certain craft and it takes a certain skill to grow a page. Sounds stupid, but if that wouldn’t be the case then everybody’s pages would be growing if they’re just posting, but that’s simply not happening.

Understand that knowing what to post and what not, how to structure your captions, what hashtags to choose, how username plays a role, how to write a great bio, what profile pic to choose, how to organize story highlights, how to connect with other pages, how to get shoutouts, how to give shoutouts, etc etc blablabla, all are things that you have to learn and become good at.

The most important one is knowing what to post aka how to spot great memes, but the rest hugely helps, too, because again, it’s about building a snowball. The better your username, the more people follow you. The better your caption, the more people that click onto your profile. The better your bio and profile pic, the more… correct, the more people that follow you. Which all leads to more traction for your new posts, which means etc blabla you get my point.

How to choose a great username

Check my list of the top 25 biggest mbti accounts on Instagram. Do you notice a trend in the usernames? Exactly, all of them have atleast something MBTI related in them. My old username on Instagram used to be @yayombti (because, well, my name’s yayo), I gained followers 3 times as fast after changing it to @mbtimemesdaily.

Yes, you’re selling a part of your soul, but hey, you want a successful MBTI page, right? So hop in and sell your soul.

Similar example again on YouTube. My old channel name used to be ‘yayombti’, now it’s ‘The MBTI Memes Channel’. I’m a slut for analytics and check them every day, in relation to views I now gain subscribers 2,5x as fast as I did before the name change.

How many more times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man, sell. your. soul.

How to choose a great username? Easy, take the topic you’re posting about and add something you personally love. In my case that would be myself, but @mbti.myself doesn’t make a lot of sense. Or maybe it does, guess someone has to find out :)

Example: If you’re passionate about Shiba Inus (like me), then @mbti.shiba would make for a great username. Cute Shiba Inu drawing as a profile pic, “Relatable MBTI posts from the perspective of doge” into the bio and bam, you got a concept for an mbti meme page. Simple as that.

What hashtags to choose

Never more than 30, that’s the spam-limit of Insta. Choose more than 30 and Insta will shadowban your post and eventually your page.
Now obviously I could just tell you what the best hashtags are, but instead I’ll tell you how to find them.

Here’s what you do:
Open the Instagram app, create a new post, take whatever pic and go to the caption. Then type # and then whatever your content is about. Are you posting an INFP meme? Great, type #infp and then wait to see what happens.

Instagram will now show you the most used hashtags that start with #infp.
For example #infp, #infpmemes, #infpproblems, #infppersonality, #infplife, #infpthoughts, #infpthoughts, #infpt, #infpa and #infpart

OMG, aren’t these the exact hashtags that you’re using on your posts on @infpmemesdaily, the biggest MBTI-related page on Instagram ?!?

Oh yeah baby they are 😎

Also, under every post on all of my pages I use these generic MBTI hashtags:

#mbti #mbtimemes #16personalities #myersbriggs #myers #briggs #mbtimeme #mbtitypes #mbtipersonalities #mbtipersonality

Don’t use them tho if you’re only starting out on a type-specific page. For example I didn’t use them but instead only enfp-related ones when I started my ENFP page @enfpmemesdaily.

Also, but I think that’s kind of obvious, don’t use hashtags that have nothing to do with your post. Don’t use hashtags just to use hashtags, otherwise

Always always always quality over quantity, otherwise you can’t build a snowball because your posts will get fewer likes and fewer people will follow you, resulting in Instagram’s algorithm ranking your page lower, resulting in getting less followers, ergo less initial traction on new posts, ergo …

How to know what memes to post + Where to get them

Hmm, if you’re only starting out and are new in the MBTI community then I suggest you to just repost whatever you see on Explore. That will never result in getting posts that completely blow up, because well, everybody has already seen that post, but hey, it’s better than posting memes that nobody finds funny at all.

Rule of thumb: Just because you find a meme funny doesn’t mean that others, do, too. That’s especially true for memes you make yourself :)

If you’ve already been in the MBTI community for some time and looked at a lot of memes + have some experience running a page you can trust your own gut feeling of whether a post is great or not. I remember one post on reddit that got 7 upvotes, which usually means the meme is trash, but I knew that it would blow up on Instagram, and it did (15k likes). It’s kind of a gamble tho, so only do it if you got some experience already.

Here’re the top 4 sources for funny MBTI memes:

  • Instagram: Check the #mbti or #mbtimemes hashtags on Instagram and check the Top 9 posts, these are the currently most liked posts of the week of that hashtag on Instagram. Another way is to go to the big pages (check my top 25 list here) and scroll down, then choose memes that are old but got a lot of likes. Chances are people have forgotten that they’ve already seen it, but they got a lot of likes back then ergo it’s a funny meme. This btw works best on Desktop, because you can see how many likes a post got just by hovering with the mouse above it, saves time.
  • Reddit: Check “Top of the Month” on r/mbtimemes or the type specific meme subreddits like r/ENTPmemes. This also works for r/mbti and the type specific subreddits like r/ENTP.
  • Pinterest. I’m not super familiar with that platform but it’s always also a great way to find good mbti memes, especially older ones. Just search for “mbti” or whatever type you’re looking for and bam.
  • YouTube: Just go to my YouTube channel and watch the MBTI Memes Compilations. When you see a funny meme, screenshot it, post it, bam.

How to structure your captions

This isn’t the most important thing, like at all, but it just adds to having a clean looking feed if your captions look organized like this, opposed to like this.

If these two looked the exact same to you / left the same impression, then congrats, you can scroll down to the next point. Well, in either case you can I’d say because there’s not much to say about it.

Structure your captions, make sure the first sentence is short enough to be fully visible, have fun :)

How to connect with other pages

Literally just message them bruh. There’s no secret to it really. Well, don’t be annoying. If you’re only messaging them because you want something from them like “hey plz plz plz plz could you plz plz plz plz promote my page on your page plz plz plz plz I will even say thank you plz plz plz” then congrats, you won’t get far.

Just say “Heyo, what up, I got a question”. If they don’t reply they either didn’t see your message or don’t want to reply, in either way you saved yourself time writing a long ass paragraph they for sure won’t fully read.

And if they reply, most likely with “Yeah, what up?” hmm use Ne (short for Neon) to come up with some question, maybe like “Hey I saw you’re running a page similar to mine, but [etc]”.

If you got a smaller page ask if there can maybe give you 1 tip to what you could do better.

If you’re of the same size ask “hey, wanna do a shoutout 4 shoutout?” or something. That’s a super great way to grow btw. I think I should write an article about how to properly give shoutouts. If I ever do the link will be here.

If your page is bigger ask for the same. You lose nothing by helping someone else, I did that countless times. And hey, maybe one day they become bigger than you and help you in return. Or they help you in some other way. Or they don’t and you just helped somebody, which is also great :D

Hmmmmmmmmm that’s it so far for tips I can give on how to run / grow your MBTI page on Instagram. If you got any questions or any topics you want me to cover let me know by sending me a DM on Insta to @mbtimemesdaily.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something from it, stay safe and awesome and peace ✌




Hi, I’m Yayo aka @mbtimemesdaily (ENTP) and I run a few meme pages on Instagram and 2 YouTube channels, with total ~985k followers / subscribers. DM me anytime!